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Investing in communication and leadership skills equip you, your team and your organization to get things done faster, easier and with less stress. Your ability to communicate effectively – delivering the message you want to be understood and remembered – with your peers, management and customers determines your level of success in your daily activities and in your career.

Your Communication Matters Inc. provides services to guide you in achieving goals for you as an individual, as a team and as an organization. These services include:

Communication and Leadership Programs

Navigating Through Conflict

Professional Presentation Skills

Enhancing Your Influence in the Boardroom

Coaching and Leading for Results

Everything DiSC in the Workplace®

Everything DiSC Management®

Leadership DiSC 363®

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®

Facilitation Services

  • Interested in developing or refreshing your strategic plan?
  • Would you like to get opinions from customers and / or external stakeholders?

Your Communication Matters Inc. provides facilitation services that work because we:

  • Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Techniques.
  • Customize the facilitation process and participant material with focus on:
    • Customization of terminology to meet the needs of the organization, industry and participants
    • Deciding on a process that is the most streamlined, efficient and effective in reaching your goals / desired outcomes
  • Following up with reports such as
    • Transcriptions of conversations in word or PDF format
    • Summary of discussions
    • Customized reports to meet your needs
  • Providing the opportunity to receive feedback from participants of the process or experience
  • Providing options for face-to-face or virtual forums designed to meet your internal and external needs
  • Providing guidance or the development of preparation documents to guide the process and/or provide to participants in advance of sessions

Why Your Communication Matters?

We provide the opportunity to use your scenarios to enhance and validate your current communication skills on three levels: your mindset (the thinking behind your actions), motivation (the ‘why’ behind your actions) and mechanics (communication techniques or ‘how to’ steps). This three component approach is explored by Debbie Matters in If I Ran This Place… Communication for Results - bestselling business book as published in The Globe and Mail.

Debbie is a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, graduate of the Advanced Facilitation program at Facilitation First and proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. As a former teacher, recruiter, marketing manager in the financial industry and education liaison in the pharmaceutical industry, Debbie is versatile and adaptable to varied cultures, dynamics and challenges.

Debbie has completed numerous marathons including the Boston Marathon and triathlons including Ironman Canada. She has the determination, passion and conviction for getting the job done right while optimizing the experience and development of participants.

As President of Canada’s Largest Executive Networking Group, I’m pleased to offer the following recommendation for Debbie Matters, “Debbie’s engaging style accompanied with her ability to customize information to meet the needs of the group is a pleasure to watch. She really does focus on getting results and respect.”

Jim Geraghty, President/CEO of HAPPEN

Debbie Matters is a wise and thought-provoking communications specialist who writes from experience. If I Ran This Place… is an easy-to-read, practical book providing inspirational tips on how to achieve win-win partnerships in the workplace. I recommend this book to leaders wanting to enhance their communication skills and professional effectiveness.”

Norma Beauchamp, Partner, Medius International & former Senior Vice-President, Bayer Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals

I enjoyed Debbie’s informative and thought-provoking presentation. I was impressed with her warm and friendly disposition both one-on-one and when engaging the entire group. I love the simplicity of her approach of ‘thinking like a salesperson’ when identifying and understanding client needs. It is something that I can start to apply immediately.”

Brian Sakamoto, Senior Project Management Consultant

Contact us today to discuss how we can satisfy your training needs, call Debbie Matters, principal facilitator, at 416-979-3330 or email

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To discuss how we can satisfy your training, development or facilitation needs, call Debbie Matters, principal facilitator, at 416-979-3330 or email

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